Upholstery Cleaning

Cloth chairs and couches get just as dirty as your carpet. You wouldn’t go six months without cleaning your sheets so why would wait that long to clean your chairs and couches?

Since you are likely sitting on them every day, in many cases eating food and drinking beverages they can get quite dirty in a small amount of time. Dark colored furniture especially can get quite dirty since the grime and dirty buildup is less noticeable because of the dark color of the fabric. Here at Seattle’s Best we would recommend you get your upholstery cleaned every 3 months at a minimum, and every 2 months in households with small children in them.

We charge $30 for chairs and loveseats, and $35 for standard size couches. If you have larger, sectional upholstery then the cost will be determined by how large the area needing a cleaning is compared to the size of an average full sized couch. For example – if your sectional is about the size of two regular sized couches the price would be an even $70. Since a typical job involves driving about an hour (there and back) we charge a minimum of $100 for a visit.

Please note that we do not clean leather or pleather couches as our tools are designed to clean cloth fabric.

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