Removing Cat Urine Stains

Cat urine stains can be quite smelly situations, and often get much worse if left untreated. We frequently get calls from customers who want a professional cleaner after trying to remove the stains themselves. The problem is that cats wont make stains when people are around and often by the time the spots are discovered the urine has already had time to settle deep in the carpet fiber, sometimes even soiling the carpet pad itself.

Often cleaning companies will just spray the area with store bought cleaning spray and go over it with a manual carpet cleaning wand, usually all this does is remove the top layer of urine. The moisture can cause the lower sitting urine to raise higher up as it dries which just causes the problem to re-appear later. Our method is a little different, first we use a blacklight that exposes urine stains and tells us exactly where we need to clean. Then we pour down a solution called “OSR” that is specially designed to remove stains and severe odors. Last but not least we use a powerful tool made specifically for tough stains called a “Water Claw” that sucks liquid out of a contained small area at a very high pressure.

We charge only $10 for each cat urine stain we remove. To find out more call us today!

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